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Do you suggest working in a studio environment rather than working at home?

It is a matter of preference. Some people like to just wake up, make a coffee and start working in their pajamas. Some people like to have clear separation between work and personal life. I am the latter.

I like to get dressed, take the subway and go to my office every morning. I like to relax and never have to worry about e-mail when I am home (I still don’t have internet there). Most of all, I like interaction with people at work, whether they are my studio-mates or neighbors who are in different design related industry.

Illustration is a lonely business. You can spend hours, or days and days just staring at your drawing table. Why not have a bit of stimulation and mild distraction from people who work around you? And to get advice, or to give advice?

If you are considering getting a studio, here is my advice; Find studio-mates who you really get along with, and who will never be your direct competitors, and whom you will be happy for their success and that they will feel the same for you.

Work can sometimes be stressful. The last thing you need is to make your studio into another cause of your headache.