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It feels like everyone is switching to computer. Should I ditch my paint brushes and be a digital illustrator?

Absolutely not! Don’t get caught up in the trend and what’s new. Be true to yourself and who you are as an artist. If you hate painting and love computer, welcome to the world of digital art. But if you love painting and traditional medium, why quit?

Legendary designer Paul Rand once said,  “What’s new has nothing to do with what’s good. What is good is timeless”.  If you are a good traditional artist and love it, there is no reason for you to switch to what you really don’t love.

Because you feel like it is old fashioned? You live in 21st century, reflect your time in your own way. Learn from people like Sam Weber, James Jean, Hellovon or James Blagden.

Because it takes too long? You need to get faster. Shawn Barber paints in oil and finish up a portrait in less than a day. Chris Buzelli knows every single trick to make his paintings dry fast from years of experience. Look at Tim O’Brien’s detailed realistic work, and see how many illustration he puts out a year.

I use what I use, because I cannot think of any other way. I tried to be a painter (I still paint quite OK), and soon realized I think in lines and flat colors, not in forms. I can draw lines and patterns forever and feel meditative. Painting frustrates me and I keep thinking of how many more hours I have to sit in front of an easel. It was just not for me.

People often think I have a comic influence and Japanese edge which are considered trendy. but I grew up in Japan and started drawing imitating comics I read . This is jut me being me. You cannot expect me to draw and paint like Americans, or anyone else.

Just need to stick to what you love. Trends just come and go. You don’t come and go. So, be you.