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You attended School of Visual Arts MFA as Visual Essay Program. I hear so many good things about the program. Would you recommend me to apply?

It was the two best years of my studies, and I am sure you will enjoy the experience too. However, I have a few realistic pieces of advise for those who are considering of pursuing MFA in illustration.

  1. If you are still in college, think of WHY you need to go straight to graduate school now. Chances are, you are scared of getting out of school, or feeling like extra two years in school would buy you time.
    If it is your first time getting out of school, trust me, the best education you can get is to get out to the real world.  If you start getting jobs and doing fine as an illustrator, do you really need to go back to school again?
    If you decide, after how many ever years you are out of school, that you can use that extra two years well, go back to school. You will appreciate the experience 10 times more.
  2. Please consult your financial situation. Calculate how much student loan you have to take out, and how much debt you will be having out of school. Is it realistic? Please have your head leveled and make a right financial decision. The last thing I want to see is a young artist in a huge debt.
  3. Please don’t think of the MFA as an instant passport to illustration success.
    SVA MFA Illustration has great reputation, thanks to many alumni who are working in different fields of illustration. I am extremely proud to be a part of its’ alumni.
    But we are still freelancers, and it is not the MFA that is making the alumni successful. It is each of their hard work during and after the two-year education. Unlike MBA from Harvard, it doesn’t guarantee you anything. You still have to cultivate your career yourself.
  4. Please don’t expect for instructors to hold your hands and guide you like your BFA studies. Be ready for two years of open schedule that you can build your own projects where the instructors are there to help you. If you are ready for it, you will have an amazing time.

Have I been discouraging? I hope not.

Again, It was the best education I have ever gotten. I can recommend it to anyone. I just want you to apply exactly at the right moment when you are ready to really appreciate the unique two-year education you will be getting.
Good luck!