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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

business trip to Turkey: studio is closed

I took off to Turkey to judge this year’s International Cartoon Competition run by prestigious Aydin Dogan Foundation.
I am really looking forward to be meeting judges from all around the world gathering in Bodrum, a southern coastal city, which I hear is supposed to be beautiful.
There will be multiple events during our stay outside of judging, including award ceremony and drawing cartoons with kids. (and a bit of vacation in Cappadocia after, of course.) Can’t wait.
Studio and my print shop are both closed and will reopen on June 29.
Thank you and have a good rest of June.
(below is a picture I took in Istanbul last November, when I got stranded in Istanbul for one day on the way back from a vacation in Sicily. Beautiful, Istanbul!)

American Illustration 34 slide show is here

It is always a huge honor to get my works accepted into acclaimed competition American Illustration. This is my 14th consecutive year getting selected to be in the book (and 15th year, if I count the first time I got my works chosen to be on their website). Crossing fingers for many more years to come. I just love American Illustration!
American Illustration 34 annual book won’t get published till November during Illustration Week, however, there is no wait. They have just released the slide show of all the winning works on their website.
This is actually a great resources for illustrators and aspiring, especially for those who live outside of the US and want to get to know what are considered to be the best American illustrations from previous year. Great way to market research.

Below are my works that are accepted into AI 34. Thank you judges and thank you clients for giving me an opportunity to create interesting images. (from top: Twitter Tsunami, publication: Newsweek cover, AD: Priest+Grace, Michael Friel,  Little Nemo Dream Another Dream, client: Locust Moon Press, publisher + editor + AD: Josh O’Neill, Chris Stevens and Andrew Carl,  Il Grande Torino, publication: 8by8, publisher + editor + AD: Priest+Grace, Monstrous Affections, publisher: Candlewick Press, AD: Nathan Pyritz)

See slide show of all SELECTED (book) works here.  CHOSEN (website) works here.

spring print sale is now on

updates May 14: Thank you for all of you who took advantage of the sale and placed your orders. The sale has now ended. All the orders should be sent out by tomorrow. 
Get the print(s) you always wanted. Big spring print sale is now on, for a week.
15% off for 1 print, 20% off for 2 prints, 25% off for 3 or more prints.
Also discount of 25% on high-end fine art print as well.
Sale ends in a week. Sale is extended for extra days. Sale ends on Wednesday, May 13 at 11:59PM EST (NY time). Check my store to get more info and promo codes.

TV show 明石家さんまの転職de天職 reruns in Kanto & Kansai area

For those people who are in Japan and missed last summer’s TV show I was featured in, they have decided to rerun the program during Japan’s Golden Week. You can read more about the program and experience here. 
明石家さんまの転職de天職 will rerun on May 3 (Sunday) and the schedule are as follows.
Kanto Area: 2:15PM – 3:15PM on Nippon Television
Kansai Area: 12:35PM – 1:35PM on Yomiuri Television

明石家さんまの転職de天職 再放送が関東と関西で決定しました。ともに5月3日(日)放送で、関東地方が日本テレビで2:15PM – 3:15PM、関西地方が読売テレビで12:35PM – 1:35PMの予定になっています。もし昨年夏の本放送を見逃された方は是非。番組の詳細は、以前に書いたこちらをご覧ください。
PS: プロデューサーの方からのメールによると、さんまさんの肖像画は、ちゃんとご自宅に飾られているそうです。(良かった)

SAMURAI! show opens at Worcester Art Museum

Very excited to announce exhibit SAMURAI! opens at Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts today. The show runs till September 6, 2015.
This exhibition was guest curated by Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot, and conbines historical Japanese arms and armor with works by contemporary artists ainspired by samurai and their enduring myth.
Some contemporary artists featured in the show include: Moira Hahn James Jean Audrey Kawasaki Kozyndan Mu Pan Katsuya Terada Kent Williams and myself. Thank you Worcester Art Museam and Eric for including me to be a part of it.

More information about SAMURAI! on the museum website. If you are in the area, there is a big Samurai party tonight you shouldn’t miss.

my piece blown up to the size of a wall, and the actual samurai arrows placed to look like they are attacking the superheroine
my Zatoichi piece in front of Katsuya Terada’s drawing

painting in front by Kent Williams
Zatoichi, commissioned by Criterion CollectionPanda Bear Girl – the first Asian American Superheroine –

James Jean
Moira Hahn
Mu PanKozyndan

Free inking class!: one week only Skillshare special

Thank you for 4,500+ of you who had taken up this offer. This free offer has ended. However, you can still sign up and take this course as well as hundreds of other art and design classes on Skillshare here: http://skl.sh/1hjIQHg 

My video inking class on Skillshare has been around for about a year now. Thank you for those who have taken the class. But if you haven’t, now is your chance.
Skillshare and I are offering the class free, one week only starting today. This special offer ends next weekend. So, sign up quick: http://skl.sh/1hjIQHg 

Happy 150th birthday to The Nation! (Get your free PDF copy)

Progressive political magazine The Nation just celebrated its 150 year anniversary, and last week, they issued 200+ page special anniversary issue with lots of articles and art from past, as well as from present. They are giving away the PDF version of the issue for free.
Regular illustration contributor and acclaimed political illustrator Steve Brodner acted as the special curator of illustration for this issue. The new artworks by Milton Glaser Art Spiegelman Marshall Arisman Mirko Ilic to name a few, are all featured in this issue. It is a huge honor Steve decided to assign me an image in this special issue, and this is my very first time contributing an image to The Nation.
The article I was given was an interesting take on looking at American politics through the looking glass of Alice in Wonderland (written by Ariel Dorfman).
Read the article, and see all the rest of great art and articles by downloading your free 150th anniversary issue. 

Netherlands and Belgium in 12 days: 4 cities, 2 lectures, 3 days of workshops, and many more FUN

Just got back from a 12 day business trip (includes a short weekend getaway) in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The main reason of the trip was to speak at FITC Amsterdam conference and to run one day drawing workshop.
Then the trip got expanded to visiting art school HKU in Utrecht for two days of workshops and one free event after FITC was finished.  Then at the end, I added a few days to travel with a friend down to Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium, mainly to catch acclaimed picture book artist Carll Cneut‘s solo exhibition In My Head where the artist moved his studio in the museum during the duration of the exhibit, and to meet him.
Here is a quick photolog of the trip.


One day drawing workshop during FITC Amsterdam with 18 enthusiastic participants. Some of them came all around Europe, some even from US and Chile! We just drew all day long, non-stop.

lecture at the main room during FITC AmsterdamSome from my slides from the talk

Utrecht is a small canal city near Amsterdam, which has a different, more low key charm. HKU is an art school located here, where I had two full day workshop and an evening of open-to-public free talk event. 

Ghent, Belgium
when I started planning the trip to Amsterdam last fall, I realized illustrator Carll Cneut was having a large show In My Head in Ghent starting December. I had known his work for years, since I bought one of his picture books in France during illustrators’ annual new year trip about 7 years ago, and had been taking the book to show to my SVA students every school-year since. I asked him if I came by to his show he would be willing to meet with me (I made sure to tell him that I am not a stalker), and he said YES!
A good friend in Amsterdam has been telling me for years she wants to come with me to Antwerp (because we both love Antwerp Six), so we decided to take a trip together to both cities over a long weekend.
It turned out to be the best decision I made. Ghent is a picturesque medieval town, but not a tourist trap like some other similar cities. We got to see Carll’s show, and he took us around to a long walk during sunset.  (oh and, of course got my books autographed!).
If you are interested in the exhibit, it is still going on till May 10th.

the photo above was taken during my long morning run. The town was just so beautiful, I ran much longer than I normally would in a morning.

Owning Carll’s book for about 7 years, then planning this trip since September, I finally met him in person. Yay.
He has moved his whole studio to the museum during the duration of the exhibition. Which is great for the visitors, but in reality, he said he can’t really work with constant visitors, so end up working after-hours at home. That is so generous of him to do that, considering I won’t even accept studio visits. I can’t really work with people around.
Many of Carll’s original acrylic paintings and drawings are on display. After I planned this trip, I read on internet: ‘if you have to choose between Ghent and Bruges, go to Ghent’. Now I know why. It’s just a picture perfect gem.and, as we were leaving, I couldn’t help myself taking many pictures of amazing-looking train station ceiling.


Netherlands business trip: studio is closed.

I took off to The Netherlands, and the studio is currently closed till March 4.
Main purpose of the trip is to participate in FITC Amsterdam as a speaker as well as conduct a one day drawing workshop. I will also be teaching at art school HKU Utrecht for two days next week. (and a weekend getaway at the end of the trip to Belgium with a friend.)
I believe FITC tickets are still available in small number. Not sure if the workshop tickets are, but if you are interested, you can check with the organizers.
There is an evening lecture at HKU Utrecht, which is open to public, but need RSVP. Please check the flyer below for details if you are interested.

Society of Illustrators’ ILLUSTRATORS 57 exhibit part2

The second of the two-part annual exhibition just opened at The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators (New York), and will be up till February 28th. The opening reception and award ceremony is tonight (February 6).
I have seven pieces in this show, in Book and Editorial categories.
List of all the medal winners here. Congratulations to former student Peter Diamond for his first Silver Medal!
Buy your ticket to the opening reception (Friday, January 9th) here. Hope to see you on the opening night.

The Unwritten Apocalypse cover (client: DC Comics AD: Gregory Lockard)

As Good As New (client: Tor Books AD: Irene Gallo)

The Melancholy of MechaGirl (client: VIZ Media AD: Nick Mamatas)

Monstrous Affections (client: Candlewick Press AD: Nathan Pyritz)

Blackberry Hunting in Fijord (client: Asset International AD: SooJin Buzelli)

Igloo and the Big Kid (client: Asset International AD: SooJin Buzelli)

Il Grande Torino (client: 8×8 AD: Priest+Grace)