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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Baby Tiger Is Here!

Libero Diapers: Baby 1
The cutest pictures just arrived from Malmö, Sweden!Graphic Designer Truls Bärg and photographer Charlotte Carlberg Bärg‘s son Valdemar in tiger diapers I designed. These cute pictures make me cry!!!!Valdemar just turned three on July 1st. Happy birthday!So, the back story is:
After I finished the job designing Diapers for Libero of Sweden, I wanted photos of a baby in the tiger diapers so much. I happened to have found Truls on facebook saying he had bought a pack the day it came onto the market. I shamelessly wrote this total stranger, in the country I have never visited, to beg him to send me some photos of his baby in the dipers. AND HE DID!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Truls for your kindness!! (I will be sending you the thank you present very soon!!)

[ all photos are taken and copyrighted to Truls Bärg ]

Libero Diapers: Baby 2
Libero Diapers: Baby 3