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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Blow Up Opens

Blow Up, a show of works by Tomer Hanuka, Sam Weber and myself, opened today at the Society of Illustrators (NYC). Opening reception will be held on September 10th, next Friday.

Our concept was to create an exhibit of three ‘illustrators’, to show the power of print, and wanted to share what kind of creative and thinking process go into creating the works.

After a lot of ditched concepts and ideas, multiple meetings (over dinners and lunches), and needless to say, many many hours spent in front of our drawing tables, we are quite happy with the result, but then again, we have to let you the viewers decide themselves. It may not be a typical group show you may have been expected to see, so we are excited and nervous at the same time…

It would be great if you could visit, either at the opening party next week, or while the show is open.

We each created series of new images for the show that were not shown previously, and I am sharing some of my final pieces here. Mine were created using the definition of term ‘blow up’.

Blow Up (September 2010): Illustration 3
Blow Up No.3: The Big Bang (original drawing: 22″x 30″)
Blow Up (September 2010): Illustration 2
Blow Up No.2: Storm Forming (original drawing: 22″x 30″)
Blow Up (September 2010): Illustration 1
Blow Up No.1: The Bubble (original drawing: 22″x 30″)
Blow Up (September 2010): Drawing Table 1
Blow Up (September 2010): Drawing Table 2
Mess on my drawing table…
Blow Up (September 2010): Drawing Table 3
Long long hours of drawing….
Blow Up (September 2010): Drawing Table 4
In my personal pieces, I figure the composition out as I go. So some parts are completely finished while some are still in rough pencil stage.I am not posting any photos of the final gallery spaces, because we want that to be a surprise when you come to the gallery. (I may post some photos after the opening party is over). But here are some pictures of work in progress last week.
Blow Up (September 2010): Event
On the top row from left: entrance area, invite flyer, and Tomer’s works n the floor. on the bottom row: Tomer Hanuka on the left, Sam Weber on the right.I just got this gorgeously eerie piece from Tomer!
Blow Up (September 2010): Tomer's Illustration
… and here is from Sam!
Blow Up (September 2010): Sam's Illustration
Thank you Anelle, Tim and everyone else at the Society of Illustrators for this opportunity. And last but not least, thank you Mr. David Rhodes for generous support in helping to make this show possible.