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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Don’t Drill, Baby

Don't Drill Baby (May 2010)

I listen to WNYCfrom the moment I wake up in the morning, then stream from internet all day and evening at the studio, then go home and listen to it till I go to bed. Obviously, the big topic now is about the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.While I was listening to this horrifying story today, I remembered about this personal piece I created in the fall of 2008, during you-know-when.

It was pitched to a monthly political magazine and rejected for the reason by the time the magazine was out in the newsstand, it is going to be an old news, which I totally understood.

Since then, this finished image has not been seen much other than those kind people who has visited my site.

I dug it out of my external hard drive just now. I feel that “don’t drill” is back again (and always will be).

Don't Drill Baby (May 2010): Sketches