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SVA New York subway poster series

In 1999 I moved from Tokyo to New York to attend SVA (School of Visual Arts), and since 2003 I have been teaching at my alma mater.
SVA is known for their innovative subway advertising campaigns created by various faculty members who are working artists and designers. I was asked to create a set of three posters for their 2016-2017 winter campaign.
I commute on subway everyday between home and my studio. Sometimes wait can be long. I wanted to make a set that is accessible to anyone, fun to look at, and provide a way to kill time. For example, on the first poster, every single speech bubble monster is different.

Poster images were also used as SVA’s continuing education catalog covers (see the last photo)

read more and watch making of poster video here

poster supervisor: Anthony Rhodes
art direction: Gail Anderson
design: Ryan Durinick

awards and recognitions: Graphis Poster Annual 2018, Spectrum Fantastic Art 24, American Illustration 30 (all 2017)