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Can you teach me how you work on Photoshop?

I don’t teach my technique. The main reason is because I have learned different skills over the years mostly by studying various favorite pieces of work, try to figure out how the artists created them, and then experimenting with my own theory.

The way I figured out were probably nowhere near how the artists actually did. (I remember using paint and coloring in flat to mimic a piece of vector art. Good old days!)  Some failed, some succeeded, in either case I learnt a lot. I value this experience and using that as my teaching philosophy.

However, if you are a beginner and try to learn how Photoshop works, the best way to go is to ask friends who know a bit better than you do, so you can get the basics down. And the rest, you can play around and figure out your own way.

When I had no idea how to use Photoshop, my then-classmates Olivier Kugler and Nathan Fox mainly taught me the basics, with some help from my then-roommate James Jean.