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What is your medium and technique?

Japanese calligraphy brushes specifically made for Buddhist sutra transcription (manufactured by Boku-un-do, not easy to find in the USA).
Brause drawing nibs #512 & #515 (used occasionally)
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star Matte waterproof india ink
high quality watercolor paper (T H Saunders Waterford cold press)
both ink and paper can be purchased from DaVinci Art Supply or  NY Central Art Supply which are the art supply stores of my choice.

COLORING MEDIUM:  Adobe Photoshop (currently on CS5.5)

Those of you who are interested in working with brush and ink, I recommend you to start from thin synthetic watercolor brushes (like size 00 or 000) on smooth surface like bristle paper. Japanese and Chinese calligraphy brushes are extremely soft and long therefore very hard to control. Same is true on working on rough surfaces. I only recommended them to advanced brush-users. But once you get hold on how to use Asian brushes, you can get the thinnest to the thickest of lines with one brush, and they are the best inking tool ever.
I don’t use or recommend brush-pens, other than when you are outside sketching. Easy to use mediums are convenient, but never make your skill better. I may be very old-school in that sense.

Time to time, I post illustration work process on my blog and also on my Facebook page, which may be interesting for someone who is curious about such process.

NEW (Apr 2014): my first SKILLSHARE ink drawing class has just started. Open to world-wide audience, for just $10 to watch this video course.