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What / when was your big break?

When I look back, there were various moments in my career that led to something bigger. The first job after six months of sending out promos, the first magazine job that gave me two more magazine spreads, newspaper cover that gave me a lot of exposure, or the first advertising campaign that happened to get a lot of press, etc, etc.. But again, there was no big break, and I am extremely happy about this.

People often think it happens to people overnight, but it doesn’t. It is just accumulation of one job after another that you try to do your best each time. Some happens to have bigger exposures than the others. That’s all. There is no shortcut in life. Take it slow, one job at a time.

IF, something happens to you overnight, be weary. What shoots up fast, tend to shoots down fast. If you feel things are moving forward very slowly, almost too slow, you are probably on the right track.