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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Audience Of 700 In Savannah

Did I not write any news for about a month? Ah, I am terrible. April is just flying by!I had to finish up deadlines so I can fly out to Savannah, GA to attend SCAD‘s Illustration symposium panel, back to New York and finishing up school year at SVA, while getting hit by massive pollen attack. Anyway, all the rest is good.

At SCAD’s symposium, organized by Professor Julie Lieberman, was consist of a dream team of panel members: Anita Kunz, Christoph Niemann, Red Nose Studio, and two art directors: Bridgid McCarren of HOW and Tyler Darden of Virginia Living.

Thank you for the warmest welcome by full house audience of 700 students across the different majors. Hope you had much fun as we did.

Writer Matt Porter documented the event on a blog.

Weather was just perfect; sky was blue and flowers were everywhere. Savannah was just so lovely and so were the people there. I hope I can go back there again soon.

Savannah recommendations:
Paris Market: Anita and I went crazy over this amazing store with mixture of antique and contemporary home decoration.
Gryphon Tea Room: Officially my favorite cafe. old pharmacy converted into a tea room. Just stunningly beautiful, and of course, great food and selection of teas.