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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Fast Company September issue (most complicated editorial illustration)

I normally don’t post about recent editorial projects here. But this one is a bit different. About a month and half ago, FastCompany Magazine (one of my favorite magazinesby the way) called me and asked for a double page spread illustration. The difference between this and the others were that this was more complicated than any other editorial illustrations I have ever worked on. (close second place is this piece I did for New York Magazine back in 2005)
This image was for a great article about Coursera, a free online education service that may change the way we will think about higher education from now on. (Read the full article here) I spent days and days drawing every single student, from a young hipster to an older businessman to a woman in burka differently.
I will post this on the work section along with the final layout photo and all soon.
for now, to see all the details of the students, and find the one that looks exactly like you, in a newsstand near you.

Thank you Alice Alves and Florian Bachleda of FastCompany as well as my neighbor  Jungyeon Roh who helped me as a color assistant during the madness of the deadline.