Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.


Illustration Friday
Penelope Dullaghan is a Superwoman! She is a wonderful illustrator who illustrates full time, AND runs ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY on top of that to help young and aspiring illustrators. I am a full time illustrator myself, and trust me, I know how busy and crazy an illustrator’s life can be.About a month ago a client told me that Penelope recommended me to them. I had known her work, but we have never met or had any conversations before. How unbelievably nice of her to recommend someone she has never met?? So, I e-mailed to thank her, and we had a few correspondences, and then she asked me to be interviewed for her site. I have to say I am very very honored to be featured on this site run by this wonderful woman!!