Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Inktober is over, but #yukoinkingtips are here to stay

Inktober 2017 just ended. Did you participate? Did you have a blast? Were you able to use some of the tips you’ve learned from my class? Well, I hope you did!

During this month’s Inktober, I decided to post some tips on my Instagram whenever I had chance.
Some of the things I had posted were covered in my Skillshare inking class or more detailed version of them, and others are new tips.
I just sorted all the inking tips there by hashtag #YUKOINKINGTIPS. Now, you can refer to them anytime you like, October or not.

My Instagram handle is @yukoart . You can go to https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/yukoinkingtips/
eI will keep posting inking and drawing tips whenever I can from here on and keep sorting them with the same hashtag.
Happy November to you all.