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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Sunday in Warsaw, worshop is sold out, but come to the lecture!

I am about to head out to Warsaw, Poland to participate as a guest for Warsaw Under Construction (Warszawa W Budowie) Festival organized by Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw. There will be a lecture and workshop during my visit.
I was initially going to announce the workshop on my site, but the space was quickly filled up within the same day the museum announced it over the weekend. A good news is, that  lecture that is open to public. I will be mainly talking about outdoor advertising and illustration.
I don’t read Polish, but for those who do, here are links related to the events:
on Warsaw Under Construction official site
on Natemat.pl

It will be my second time in Warsaw, and first time in six years. I had a fantastic time during my last visit, and hoping it be the same (or better!) this time.
Thank  you for my friend and local illustrator Agata Nowicka and everyone at Warsaw MoMA for organizing and to invite me to the event. (photo below is Agata and me, six years ago during my visit).

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