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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

The Unwritten 14 Cover Preview

Unwritten: Issue 14
DC Vertigo series The Unwritten is at its’ 11th issue now (issue #11 comes out tomorrow), but Vertigo cover artists actually work a lot ahead, even more ahead than interior art, and sometimes on script that is not even finalized yet.So, even the day before #11 is out, I am actually currently working on #15 cover. Yes, that’s how ahead we work.

#14 cover just got the approval bit more than a week ago. Usually they don’t reveal the cover for another month or so, but this time, Vertigo editing team decided to go ahead and post it on their blog way early.

This is a special cover. Creators Mike and Peter, as well as editor Pornsak had been discussing for a while about how they wanted me to create “Where is Waldo” cover. I have been putting it off, off and off…. till I had no more reasons to put it off anymore! Ha. So, I decided to finally dive into it in the idea.

All the loyal Unwritten readers, you may not be able to spot all the characters because a few of them are future characters who will not appear until issue #12. Also, there is one character thrown in there who is not from this series but from another series by Mike and Peter. Mike and Peter took the quiz too, and of course, they were able to spot everyone. Now, can you?