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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Tokyo business trip: studio is closed

I took off to Tokyo. Studio will be closed till August 25th. Also, next shipment for the shop will be on the last week of August. Thank you for understanding.
Vacation, it is not.

I was never that person who wanted to be on TV. I am actually still not into the idea.  I mean, why do I want to embarrass myself in front of millions of people?  After all, I haven’t even owned a TV in past five years, and I get most of my latest news from WNYC and NY Times.
But when a TV station from Japan comes knocking on my door, why not? Just once, to see whether I like it, or not. I am open to doing things at least once.

Nippon Television filming crew has been shooting a footage in NY for about a week, and now it’s my turn to go do a studio recording.
I don’t know much about Japanese TV shows, but it will be a 3 hour special program about multiple people who have changed their career midway, and how that positively (I think, hoping not to see negatively) affecting their lives.
The show title is 明石家さんまの転職de天職 and it is scheduled to be on air on September 15th in Japan. I think my segment will be only about 5 minutes long, though, flight is about 14 hours each way. Ha ha.
See how it goes.

Happy summer.