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Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

WooHoo! New York Times Best Seller List!!

New York Times Book Review
How exciting!! the first volume of The Unwritten, the collection of the first five issues of the DC Comics vertigo series I have been illustrating the cover for, is so far, ahem, on the week 6 of New York Times Best Seller list!

On the right is the current best seller list in graphic novel category.I cannot stress enough! The Unwritten is a very well written, mysterious, intellectual and interesting story. Definitely not your kids’ comic book. And, I am not saying this because I do the covers. It is REALLY good.

Every issue, I research and learn about historical fiction I have read or not read in past.

I have just finished the cover for issue No. 14. No.11 coming out this month. And, we may be able to have a brand new cover for collected volume No.2, so stay tuned 🙂