Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimazu Yuko Shimizu

Award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and instructor at School of Visual Arts.

Yuko Is Back In The Studio

I am back to New York. I had so much fun lecturing and giving crits at different art schools, meeting people, hanging out with designers and illustrators to get inspired.

I wanted to especially thank these people for being so kind during my stay in Germany and France.

in Berlin and Dresden: Monika and Katrin Aichele, Mareike Dittmer, Michael Okraj, Kyoko, Michael von Erlenbach and Kathrin Ruhlig of Erlenbach Kunstschule, Alberto Franco Flores and Harri Kuhn
in Nuremberg: Pfof. Friederike Girst and Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg, Prof. Alexandra Kardinar and Ohm Hochschule, Minh Trinh
in Stuttgart: Alexia Angelopoulou, Thilo Rothacker, Merz Akademie and Christian Schwarm
In Munich: Axel Schmid, Monika Aicheele, Tomoko Nagata Blasig, Georg Thiersch and Soniabom
in Paris: Thilo Rothacker and Pierre Jouve Henri

Thank you everyone for the wonderful time and experience.  And, happy July 4th weekend to everybody in the U.S.